« 009 Afternoon « 

Sunghyun Moon stands at a peak of his career in the genre of watercolor. It is perceived that the grand prizes and top artist medals to him at some recent domestic fine art exhibitions may be rewards for his lonely life as an artist and at the same time, diplomas urging him to depart from the tendency of open  competitions and instead establish his own unique world of art.
Now, Sunghyun Moon as an artist stands at a zero point where he should leave behind his hither-to performances to be prepared for the future again. The fact that the artis is well aware of such reality facin him is revealed most satisfactorily in his determinate working attitude. His solo exhibition this time is a collection of his latest 2-year-long achievements ; it shows a performance different than before in both terms of work form and contents. The watercolor or a madia that Sunghyun Moon has insisted on for more than 10 years since his first solo exhibition is deemed an embodied material fort the artist.To him, the watercolor is no longer a special material or technique ; it might be a tool used ordinarily like an age-old hammer or driver. A change of his working attitude is found just at this point. He pays attention to the properties of the watercolor itself as a tool set, while his attitude is payful. He confronts the watercolor as a matter just beyond the dimension of materials or techniques, enjoying its nature and properties with his body and brain. To Sunghyun Moon, the rason why the properties of watercolor are deemed playful objects may be that he has embodied the watercolor, while using and experiencing it over a long time. What does the play of the watercolor properties itself mean in Sunghyun Moon’s art works ? It must mean a meditation on water and color as well as the fun of color, gloss, luster or texture. The secret of watercolor is related to the property of water as a medium varying the properties of paints. The watercolor reveals its colors when it meets the water ; the colors arte expressed as a form with  diverse patterns in a colorful harmony with the paper. Sunghyun Moon experiences an organic world literally that can hardly be expressed either in watercolor, oil painting or acrylic one, and therein, he creates his own miniature universe that obeys the law of coincidence. The pains sticked and hardened onto the paper will be melted again when they are infiltrated by the water. The time that is found through the play of properties is not overlapped but deconstructed.
Kim Young-Ho, Ph.D
Professor of Chung-Ang University, Art Critic

Si Moon était une couleur ?
Le bleu

Si Moon était une heure de la journée ? 15H

Si Moon était un des cinq sens ?
Le toucher

Si Moon était un dessert ?
Un gâteau au lait.

Si Moon était une chanson ?


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