« Story » – 2015
Acrylique sur toile

This study describes the concept of accompanied media to express image in the paintings through the procedures to transform and relief on the 2-dimensional surface with outward form and the combination of colors with inward form in the works which have recently been created from 1997 until now. The media in the contemporary painting are accompanied to represent the method and behavior for expressing any image and artist’s will in the depicted traces whether the object of painting ib real or abstract image and the study for them is connected to themes and creative process of modern times requiring creative originality in the diversities. That is, it is to identify natures of material for creative expression and tp represent one’s own originality which can be newly redefined in accordance with artist’s subjective analysis on the same materials such as materials used for expression means and obese used in the works.
The numerous materials of surrounding in my works are imaginated by reflecting and representing inner experiences used for major themes, that is, traces of mental and emotional inspiration in the materials. Accordingly, the diversified trend to freely express in the contemporary fine arts has broken from a 2-dimensional frame, so-called paintings, by overcoming the limitation of traditional material with experiments for various materials.
The encounter with these materials makes a foothold of motivation expressed with expanded language in the 2-dimensional painting.
For me, the expansion of painting has brought about freely and creatively enlarged expressability by painting based on free format of various structure on the screen through diversified matarial experiments. In addition to, the experiment and application for material media in pursuit of transformed form with 3-dimensional image make it possible to deviate 2-dimension from square surface and emphasis on the restoration to 2-dimensionality by doing expressive activities on the 2-dimensional surface.
It can simultaneously acquire the visual illusion as well as dimension of spaciousness representing reality by taking 3-dimensional screen not flat screen.
Therfore, the aim of study is to seek after the possibility to creative painting of more expanded concept by expanding the scope of experiments for various materials and thinking on limited 2-dimensional  surface.

Si Kim Hye Young était une œuvre d’art?
Je souhaiterai être exposée  au musée du Louvres.

Si Kim Hye Young était une couleur ?
Le bordeaux.

Si Kim Hye Young était un site Internet ?
Un site de cuisine.

Si Kim Hye Young était un roman ?

Si Kim Hye Young était un âge idéal ?
20 ans.

Si Kim Hye Young était un des 7 péchés capitaux ?
La Paresse.

Si Kim Hye Young était un super pouvoir ?
Passe muraille.

Si Kim Hye Young était une rue, avenue ou boulevard à Paris ?
Gare de l’est.

Si Kim Hye Young était un chanteur?
Nightwish (Within Temptation)

Galerie 89
89, avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris
Galerie 89

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